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Holmdel, NJ

Dear Tom,

I am writing this letter to say thank you. Thank you for building my dream house. You went above and beyond my expectations. You’re truly a perfectionist and you can see that in every detail in my home. It was devastating loosing our previous home to Hurricane Sandy but you were so patient and took the time to consider my every need. You have made this whole process a lot less stressful! I can’t tell you how many horror stories I have heard from people who were also rebuilding from Sandy. You turned an awful situation into a beautifulhome that I can enjoy with my children and grandchildren to make memories for years to come. A beautiful home isn’t the only thing that came out of this, so did a beautiful friendship. Thank you a million times for everything you have done.



Lakewood, NJ

I am so pleased with my new kitchen and I want to thank you and your team for putting it all together. Your crew was phenomenal. They were polite, considerate, efficient and thoroughly professional. They took pains to keep the mess to a minimum and cleaned up completely every time before they left. It was a pleasure to work with you all, and the results are truly outstanding. I have gotten many compliments on the quality of the job and the end product. Thank you again.

Jen & Bryan

Toms River, NJ

Hi Tommy,

I wanted to take a moment and let you know how much we appreciate all of your help with the damages that we incurred from Superstorm Sandy. You came to our house when you said you would to assess the water damage. You kept us well informed of the step-by-step process of what needed to be done. There were NEVER any surprises. Your contractors and employees that came to the house were extremely professional. There are no words to describe how grateful we are that you came to our rescue!

Needless to say TAKK will come highly recommended to any of our friends/family that will need any home services.

Thank you again for everything!

Pat and Ralph

Jackson, NJ

To TAKK Enterprises:
It was a wonderful experience working with the entire TAKK Team, especially Tom, Bill and Ceasar. You built me a home better than I ever dreamed of. You went beyond my expectations and made my idea of heaven. If anyone would like to see heaven, they are welcome to take a TAKK Tour of my Home or on your website.
When we began this addition I had no desire to move. I loved my house that I had lived in for 49 years, but my husband had passed, I was alone and overwhelmed. My son suggested building an addition onto his home. He had gotten 3 estimates and decided to go for a fourth which turned out to be Tom of TAKK Enterprises. Tom’s fair estimate, upbeat personality and enthusiasm to build me the best house to fit my needs won us over. Tom made building a new home an adventure, a pleasure and a fun experience.
Tom and Bill spent an unbelievable amount of time personalizing my home, introducing new ideas and guiding us to make the best choices and did a magnificent job tiling 1200 square feet of floor, tiling an unbelievable shower and kitchen.
As we satisfied customers would say, the final product was Superior Quality “TAKK Tight”. Thanks for my heaven and the TAKK Experience.


Toms River, NJ

My New Front Porch
I knew who I wanted to hire before I began the recommended “interview 3 / 4 contractors” and choose the best one with expertise, locally established, known to township building as a reputable business and then PRICE.

So, I did just that… First contractor came with a squeaky clean truck, 45 minutes late with Dunkin Donuts latte in hand, disregarded my plans for the porch…. not sure that truck ever saw a day’s work!

Second came, on time, but wanted to do work with no permits? Third arrived, good reputation, solid work I had seen but would not put on paper… If it is not written it is not, so is my belief… handshakes are for after the signed contract.

Then I was waiting for…TAKK Enterprises, Inc. Tom from TAKK had become the contractor for the local hospital Operating Room staff… Any mention of carpenters or home renovations it was “call Tom TAKK”

Tom listened to all my requests for this new porch incorporated with a new roof and dormer windows… left with a promise to e-mail a proposal and contract. As expected, a few minor details worked out and we were signed and delivered. TAKK staff has the expertise I was looking for and solid workmanship.

My neighbors admire the finished roof, windows and I love my front porch!

No construction goes without a few mishaps and mine were with water and comical… A down spout gutter was placed right on top of my sprinkler so when the timer turned on… it became a water spout gushing up…up…And away over the roof… did I mention this was a sub-contractor boo-boo…. fixed by TAKK right away.

I can honestly recommend TAKK Enterprises, Inc. for all home and business renovations.

Sincerely, Georgie, Toms River

Kevin and Nikki

Toms River, NJ

Dear Tom and Bill,

There are no words to express how much we love our new kitchen and all the improvements in our home. We look around and are in awe of the perfection and attention to detail that was applied to every aspect of this project. We have no doubt you treated our home as if it were your own.
Tom, from our very first meeting to discuss the job, we trusted you. Throughout the project, you were always reachable and willing to help. Whether it was a decision over design or budget, you stuck with us. You have a great aesthetic and style, but even more importantly, you have a great attitude and keep your word. You truly care about your clients; we never expected to walk away from a renovation with so much appreciation for our contractor.

Bill, from our very first meeting, we couldn’t believe how easy going and happy you were to be on the job-we loved your positivity and then we saw your work! You’re a true craftsman, you love your field and it shows! Thank you for your advice and for taking initiative when something wasn’t the way you thought it should be. Also, we so appreciate your kindness toward Aiden, Lu, and Latte-who were often underfoot! You made an everlasting impression on them!
Whether we were meeting out or at the house, you guys showed up every day when you said you would, or earlier. You worked late. The house was left in pristine condition, even in the midst of the remodel. There is not one complaint or instance we would change, not one! I could go on and on!

Well, I started this by saying “there are no words”, well obviously I found a few. But seriously, you guys went above and beyond, we are so grateful for the outcome but really for the whole experience. I know we will have a long future of projects ahead of us and we wouldn’t dream of embarking on them without the TAKK team-including Caesar! Sincerely, Thank You
Kevin and Nikki

Eric and Mary Ann Brick

Brick, NJ

In May of 2011, it will be one year since my husband and I moved back into our newly renovated home, now perfectly beautiful thanks to the craftsmanship of TAKK Enterprises, Inc.

After hearing many horror stories about home renovations and builders, we cautiously delayed our renovation project for several years. Had we known what a talented, meticulous, honest and professional builder TAKK Enterprises, Inc. is, we never would have waited.

My husband and I interviewed four builders for our project, including Tom, but it was his honesty and creativity which most impressed us. He looked at the many pictures we provided detailing the vision we had for our home inside and out. He not only listened and considered what we wanted, but, when necessary, he improved on those ideas. I have no doubt that our home looks better today, and is structurally in better condition than we ever could have imagined because of his advice. His knowledge and attention to detail is something only a talented builder could provide.

If you asked us to describe TAKK Enterprises, Inc. in one word, it would be METICULOUS. Tom ensured that not one detail was overlooked. Always polite, Bill, the project foreman and all of the TAKK employees were courteous to our neighbors and demonstrated superior craftsmanship. Tom is a very genuine guy, and we feel so blessed that we made the wise decision to have him make our house into our dream home.

Eric and Mary Ann Brick, NJ

Phyllis & Bob

Toms River, NJ

Hi Tom,

Thank you for all your fine work and getting our house back together. Bob wants to especially thank you for all your time and effort in dealing and negotiating with our insurance company. You all did great work. Once again please thank your staff for us for all their good workmen-ship.

Thank you very much- Phyllis & Bob

Alice and Len

Toms River, NJ

Dear Tom: Len and I both want to thank you for the beautiful sun room you and your company built for us. I can’t believe how neat, fast and efficient your crew was. The room exceeded our wildest expectations!
Thanks again.
Alice and Len Toms River, NJ

George and Dianne

Toms River, NJ

To TAKK Enterprises:
My husband and I want to thank you for the wonderful job you have done in transforming the exterior of our home. For years we have wanted to landscape in front of our home and create a more comfortable living area around our pool. Due to the lack of time, we kept putting it off until we decided it was time.

We were so impressed with the professional and responsible manner in which the job was done. When you said you would be there we could trust that you actually would be. As you know sometimes it is impossible to find someone reliable and dependable today.

We are so happy when we drive up in front of our home, it looks terrific. Thank you so much for everything and when we are ready for a new kitchen, you will be the first company we call.
Sincerely, George and Dianne Toms River, NJ


Toms River, NJ


I just wanted to thank you once again for the great job you and your company did on my home renovation. The whole process from start to finish was completely stress free. I am still amazed that even though this was such a big project, adding on 1400 square feet, that we were still able to live in the house for the entire project. The workmanship is impeccable. Your entire staff are truly professionals and a pleasure to have around. It was great to know that you were involved in all details of the job throughout the entire project.

I look forward to working with you again. Greg Toms River, NJ

Randy & Kim

Toms River, NJ

When we were in a position to rebuild our home, we asked many friends and family if they could recommend a builder for us. Unfortunately the overwhelming response was “I had a builder, but I wouldn’t recommend them.” We were lucky enough, to have one family that had used TAKK and they not only recommended them to us, but HIGHLY recommended them. How could you go wrong with that we thought!

Our project included both the demolition of our previous home, and rebuilding of a new one. We had suffered a fire and therefore required a complete demolition of the existing building. This demolition included the entire contents of a 2700 square foot home. It was during this process that we realized how very lucky we were to have chosen TAKK. Prior to demolition we thought we had taken out all items of personal sentiment, when Juan brought down our children’s kindergarten hand prints. They were blackened from the fire, and I had missed them. He asked me if I would like to keep them. When someone you barely know demonstrates such kindness, you realize you have made the right selection.

This was just the beginning of an almost 2 year project. We continued to be amazed by TAKK’s conscientiousness’ and quality of work throughout the entire process. Every member of the TAKK staff was professional and courteous at all times. Their workmanship is of superior quality. Not only are they a company which builds your dream home, they are there to offer suggestions and design ideas at every level.

The comments we receive when our friends and family visit our home, are always ones of amazement. “Look at the detail in your home, the moldings are perfect in every room.” They are impressed with the tile work, painting, and design details that are prevalent throughout our home. All phases of this project were handled professionally and completed in a timely fashion and with superior quality.

We would like to thank Tom and the entire staff for building us our dream home. Without their time, effort and caring this process would not have been as smoothly completed. Thank you for helping us down this road of rebuilding our lives, we would not want to have done this with anyone else but TAKK!!!

With warmest regards, Randy & Kim Toms River, NJ

Michael F

Toms River, NJ


Another fine job as expected!

This letter is to rave about the work and efforts performed by Takk Ent. As a former client, I must say that all the work and labor performed by all the employees of Takk Ent. Was above and beyond. They worked efficiently and at times you didn’t even know that they were here working. The materials were all top notch and the craftsmanship is impeccable! For the amount of work performed, they were done rather quickly as promised without any delays! I would recommend this company to anyone interested in doing renovations or additions to their existing homes.

Michael F. Toms River, NJ

Rob and Betty

Toms River, NJ

Betty and I would like to thank you for the great job you and your crew performed at our home. While it was a large project, in a house we were living in during construction, you made it as smooth a process as could possibly be expected.

I was pleased with all of your subcontractors who all seemed to work well around each other’s schedule. We were particularly happy with your own crew, led by your project supervisor. They did a great job and were a pleasure to be around. As you know, your crew had to work in some very cold weather conditions, and never complained.

Once again, thanks so much for a job well done! We will continue recommending you to anyone looking for a quality contractor!!!

Sincerely, Rob and Betty 

Margaret H

Toms River, NJ

Tom K,

I would like to thank you and the two workman who worked on my home. They did a good job on repairing the fascia and soffit after the last storm that blew it down. It was an emergency and you and your men came through for me and fixed it in just a few days. The two men were so polite and kept me aware of what they were doing and how they could help me solve the problem. The cost was very fair!!!

I would recommend your company to everyone!

Sincerely yours, Margaret H. Toms River, NJ


Tom River, NJ

Dear Tom,

We are very pleased with our project. The finished package is excellent. Your crew were courteous, productive and do a great job. I’m anxious to get settled in such nice surroundings.

Many Thanks, Mary Toms River, NJ